Buddy and his new Zum Steel March 2006 - Photo by Mike Ihde - thephotodoctor@comcast.net



Zum Steel

The tunings below... :o)


Zum E9 tuning

BLL= Back Left Left FLL = Front Left Left FLR = Front Left Right BLR = Back Left Right
(That's right five lever on the left knee...)
Pedal 1 - string 10: That change can be turned on and off with the twist of a hex nut by the tuners.
A half turn and it's in; a half back and it's out.  Pretty neat, huh?

The highlighted lever is still tentative.  Buddy said, "We learn as we go."

Zum C6 tuning

It has the standard changer with the anti cabinet drop device, and has Bill Lawrence 710 pickups.
(Shortly after this picture was taken, Buddy traded it in for the Hybrid changer.)


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